Our Ice Cream

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Why does our ice cream taste soooo much better?

It's the quality, plain and simple. We make our own hot fudge from real chocolate. Our whipped cream is made fresh by us, every day. Our raspberry sauce is made from REAL raspberries and sugar - nothing else. Our hot caramel is genuine - cream and caramelized sugar. Even our candied orange peel is made by us and takes 3 weeks! In fact, the only thing we DON'T MAKE - is our ice cream! Why? Because we can't make it that GOOD. It comes from a family dairy in Wisconsin - the only dairy in the country that ages their ice cream. Other dairies are in a hurry to make their ice cream and move it out a fast as they can to make higher profits.

But aging the ice cream gives it more flavor (not more fat). It's like the difference between today’s chili and chili the next day. It's the best we've ever tasted! And places that aren't dairies, that make their own ice cream, start with a "base" in a bag. Right there it's not as good as straight from the dairy. And remember - we never serve products that come in tubs or cans. There are no chemicals, preservatives, extenders, high fructose corn syrup or even corn syrup in our toppings, like there are in commercial toppings. So when you treat yourself, treat yourself to the purely best. You'll love every bite and feel soooooo GOOD when you're done!

The Fountain On Locust uses the same fine quality ice cream in our signature Ice Cream Martinis. AND we use the same approach to quality when it comes to our food - made fresh, in-house, every day. Enjoy a delicious, fresh, made-from-scratch, healthful meal before your dessert and never feel bad about treating yourself! 

If you had the time and ingredients on hand, this is how you would make ice cream for someone you love.

Proudly serving ice cream
from the best dairy in Wisconsin!